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RoD1 Eagle by Nanuukk RoD1 Eagle by Nanuukk
1/3 RoDs for desertfloraa
A great eagle has coaxed your tokota to the top of a mountain, insistently urging them to follow. At the top of a bluff, there is a sheer drop in between them and another plateau; the eagle appears to be challenging them to leap. Will your tokota back down, or take the challenge and feel what it’s like to soar?

Mountain Jump:
Billie wasn’t sure where she was heading. The eagle that had been following her the past few days eating her fish and plucking at her hair had finally lead to the reddish brown female refusing to be this bird’s whipping girl. Turning to try and bite down onto the abrasive and annoying bird, she found the eagle was already a few feet ahead of her and flying away. With a heavy release of breath and a determined look on her face, the female Tokota gave chase not wanting to let the eagle get away.
As it flew always just out of her reach, Billie didn’t realize it seemed to be guiding her somewhere. Instead, she just thought the creature was playing another one of its games as she followed behind willing herself to pick up the speed a bit more in order to be able to end the life of this goddamn bird before it drove her insane. She only came to understand the eagle had other plans when they started to scale a mountain. At first it was only a gentle incline the reddish brown female hadn’t noticed, but after only a few minutes the trail became steep and slick with icy rocks willing her to plummet to her death.
Billie stopped when she realized this was more than just a chase. Catching the eagle wasn’t worth her death, but as soon as she paused on the mountain and felt the sharp wind poke and bite at her through her thick fur, the eagle also paused and perched itself on a nearby rock seemingly waiting for Billie to continue to follow it.
Not sure what to do, the female looked around at her surroundings. The mountain was icy and bitterly cold. The wind was relentless and if the female Tokota remained still any longer she worried she’d freeze to the spot. The eagle remained still minus the ruffle of it’s feathers in the wind as Billie attempted to decide whether to continue, but just as she stood with her decision made to head home to Tiana and the comfort of the farm, the eagle took off and started back up the mountain. Billie didn’t have an explanation for why her feet followed the bird when her mind kept willing her to turn around and go home, but something was drawing her up the mountain and she knew she couldn’t go home without finding out what it was.
Hours passed with Billie following the eagle. The upward climb to the summit was slow and Billie after some lucky moments where she felt her feet slip and she almost fell, knew she would rather sprout wings right now than continue to climb. Every time she stopped, however, the eagle gave her a short break before continuing on and Billie knew she must follow.
The summit was even colder than the rest of the mountain. Her breath came out in flurries and the Tokota felt confused about why the eagle had brought her here. As she stepped up onto the top of the mountain every step below her seemed to vanish into a thick fog leaving her hopeless in trying to turn back. She was now at the will of the eagle that seemed to be guiding her towards the opposite edge from where she stood. Looking across the top of the summit, she could see no reason why the bird seemed to want her to jump, but there was something calming and reassuring about following the eagle’s lead. Trusting the bird had a reason, Billie closed her eyes and ran towards the ledge feeling her feet press off of the cold snowy mountain and spring her into the air. +618 Words
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Hollymask Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Student Digital Artist
awe-inspiring composition :)
Nanuukk Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank youuuu
Hollymask Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
np! :D
desertfloraa Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so gorgeous! I love the overall scenery and the look on Billie's face as she accepts the challenge! I'm working on the 500 word story for this one right now, so once it's finished I will link it to you!

Thank you again for your wonderful work!
Nanuukk Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I look forward to reading it! just hit me up with it in a note so it doesn't crowd the deviation if thats okay nvn <3
I should be able to work on the other two later if I feel a little bit better!
QUEEN--WAFFLE Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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